New Work Update!!

The San Diego sunshine, crisp ocean breeze and melting ice-cream cones on the pier have my Summer vibes in full effect. One thing about the summer here in beautiful San Diego is star studded, costume clad cesspool of fun and awesomeness we call Comic-Con. For those of you that followed my early work, you know the geek in me can’t resist the opportunity to paint some of my favorite heroes. Batman, Joker, Star Wars etc. This year I’m excited to drop some new comic-con 2017 themed original artworks from Deadpool to cat woman (in honor of all the strong ladies out there of course!!)
Why Deadpool, you ask? Lets just say uh….we can relate haha. Original works of art are available for sale on my store here.  Just a final tidbit, remember to do something creative today. Inspire yourself even just just the slightest bit every day and watch how quickly it snowballs into a more passionate, creative you 🙂