Finding Your Artistic Style




Grab a pencil or paintbrush and let it fly across your canvas of choice, seems simple enough right?! For some its that easy but for most of us, developing a signature artistic style takes years and years of practice.  Here are some tips to get you going towards jamming to your own beat
  1. KNOW YOURSELF: This is by far the Hardest in my opinion because life is ever changing. We as humans are always evolving, from our style to our knowledge of life in general.  I’m not saying you have to 100 percent know yourself, but take a step back and look at who you are as a whole.  look at old picture if you need to remember where you come from, think about what makes you tick, what your interests are and what do you tend to find yourself doing on a day to day basis. Knowing this will help you develop a sense of style that is tailored to you and will help that pencil or paintbrush sweep across your canvas effortlessly.
  2. Look at art from past and present. What is it that draws you in about them? Is it the way the paint swirls together, the perfect lifelike flesh tones, or the simplicity? Figure out what you like and begin to slowly implement that into your works.  All artists have been influenced by their surroundings, whether it be other artists, their surroundings, or people that inspire them.  Use what you like by dissecting this visual information for a while.  Look at the brush strokes, paint colors, paint consistency, etc.  Just really look at it. You’ll be surprised how much you will learn and how the information your brain has registered will play out in your future works.
  3. Keep it original.   Its OK to learn techniques from other artists work but the whole point of being an artist is having a style that is unique to you.  You are the artist and without you, well the art just wouldn’t exist.  Give your piece life, emotion and complexity but do it with a technique that is natural to you and you alone.  There is no wrong way to do art and that is what makes it so special.
  4. Do what comes naturally.  That eye isn’t perfect? Your cat looks like a unicorn? It really doesn’t matter. If you paint from the heart someone out there will love it even if you may not.  Its just about connecting the right collector to the right artist.

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